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Who Has Seen The Wind? / Pneuma

Neither You nor I / Conversation with Ora

Trembling / Light

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"It’s strange to think that a band of three clarinets and a single voice can conjure up a world of infinite possibilities, but that’s what Pneuma delivers. Ayelet Rose Gottlieb’s caramel-rich voice and instrumentalists James Falzone, François Houle, and Michael Winograd work together as one as they uncork everything from klezmer lamentation to out-there sonic surgery. Music this beautiful, intricate, and heartfelt deserves to be celebrated—and treasured.”

— Alexander Varty of The Georgia Straight, Vancouver, BC

PNEUMA (πνεῦμα) is an ancient Greek word for “breath”, “spirit” or “soul”. This quartet features four improvisers / composers: vocalist Ayelet Rose Gottlieb and clarinetists James FalzoneFrancois Houle and Michael Winograd. Pneuma’s sound is kaleidoscopic – many worlds entangled – blending contemporary electro-acoustic turbulent energies with gentle gestures inspired by Klezmer and jazz-infused improvisations. Presenting a poetry infused set, their music is “a globally-informed emotional panoply” (NYC Jazz Record) inspired by the wind. They create music "where notes seem to leap off the page and into the air, there to intertwine and dance in magical forms” (World Music Report.) 

Pneuma made their premiere at the 2017 Vancouver International Jazz Festival. Their debut album, “Who Has Seen The Wind?” was recently released on the esteemed Canadian label, Songlines Recordings.

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